Hello I am Paula K. Sampson and I have been doing massage my entire adult life. I consider myself to be an Integrated Therapist because of my extensive training and skills.  I studied massage in Ohio and then in South Carolina after my husband was transferred to Spartanburg, South Carolina. I had practiced massage therapy there after becoming Nationally Certified. I have retained my National Certification for 14 years. I require 90 minutes for the initial first visit to complete an intake and assessment to be fully informed about the issues and conditions and to be clear about the results the client is seeking.  I am also certified in Kinesio taping. This is a great modality to assist the body in healing it self. I also have found that the taping gives added value to the massage. Each individual that comes in for my massage is unique and no two massages are the same and no two visits are the same. I believe that continuing education to broaden my knowledge and skills is vital to providing the best for the people who seek my massages. So during the year I will attend at least two continuing education seminars.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 29 years and we have 2 grown daughters whom we are very proud of.  We are happy to be back in Ohio near our families.

Paula K. Sampson
L.M.T. , CKTP (in Toledo, Ohio)